Do you want More Traffic?
Do you want Fewer Parking Spaces?
Do you want Whole-Block Redevelopment?

NO? Then Help Save Laguna Now. Here's How:

Join the circle of Laguna Residents to defend the livability and unique character of Laguna Beach by supporting these measures:
  • Retain existing commercial parking requirements instead of reducing them
  • Maintain current height limits for commercial buildings
  • Keep congestion and parking from overflowing into neighborhoods
  • Prevent the combining of small storefronts into large malls and hotels
  • Encourage progress and improvement without relaxing standards

Current development proposals will bring more visitors, increase traffic congestion, and drive parking overflow into adjacent neighborhoods.

Who benefits?  Commercial property developers increase the value of their properties  – leaving residents with a less functional, more congested town. Instead of nurturing our unique local businesses, the proposed changes will set the scene for more mall-like stores, bars, and restaurants.

Let's work together to make sure that Laguna Residents get a meaningful say in the development of our town.

Join or Contribute today!