Let's stay in touch.

You are welcome to join our circle of supporters to keep Laguna as the special place that it is.  We send out emails once or twice a month alerting you of important City meetings that will impact the future of Laguna.   It is a private list that we do not share with any other organization, and you can always hit the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email.

To Join the list, email us at lagunaresidentsfirst@gmail.com

  • All we really need is your email, but it would help if you also include your address, phone number, and any other local organizations that you are a part of.
  • Also, let us know if you would like to volunteer, and if you are a registered voter in Laguna Beach, if you would like to pre-register for the ballot initiative. We will remind those to pre-register for the ballot initiative when the time comes to sign the initiative document.

Would you consider being a Block Captain?

The ballot initiative could use your help.  Signatures have to be gathered from registered Laguna voters.  You know your neighborhood, and could possibly recurite some of your friends to help in this important task.  If so, please email us at at lagunaresidentsfirst@gmail.com  with the subject line "Block Captain."

To subscribe just send an email to lagunaresidentsfirst@gmail.com.  How easy is that?  It would be helpful to include your name, street address, and how you heard about the circle, but that is all optional.


  • Ballot Initiative

    The process of getting the initiative on the 2022 ballot has started. The ballot initiative would enable Laguna voters to establishes an overlay zoning district in Laguna’s most visible and most used areas. Large development projects, for example, those as large as the new Museum Hotel proposal across from the Art Museum would require voter review and approval. Read more…

  • LRF Officer updates

    On 4 August 2020 LRF submitted an amendment to our FPPC Form 410 (Statement of Organization) to reflect the resignation… Read more…

  • Vacant Buildings in Downtown?

    It is a fact that there is a level of rent that would fill every empty storefront in Laguna. Take… Read more…

  • How much does it cost for Laguna to be “A Destination”

    Revenue the City government receives from visitors falls short of covering the additional expenses the city incurs due to visitors.… Read more…