LRF Form 460 for 2019

Laguna Residents First (PAC#: 1421491) submitted its originating Form 460 on the deadline date of December 31 2020. The Form 460 is formally the Recipient Committee Campaign Statement, and is mandated by California’s Fair Political Practices Commission. In it, a Recipient Committee, or PAC, declares its income and expenditures for the covered period. Since LRF is concerned only with local (i.e., Laguna Beach City) issues, our 460 is filed with the City Clerk and can be viewed from its website at:

http://Form 460-Campaign Disclosure Statement-Laguna Residents First Jan 1 – December 31, 2019

LRF’s stated objective is to be very transparent with how we spend the money that donors entrust with us. We want you to feel confident that your hard earned money is indeed being spent in-line with our mission statement and not on frivolities or extravagance. To further that goal, we’ve created a high-level snapshot on our spending as of December 10 2019:

If you as a donor have any questions about LRF’s Form 460 please contact me via this website.

Sincerely, Michael Morris (LRF Treasurer)

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